We’ve had a great time in the last week capturing some video content for an overseas rugby documentary.

We spent time talking to fans outside the home of Canterbury Rugby Orangetheory Stadium, we chatted to former CEO of NZ Rugby David Moffett and we cruised a few grounds looking for goal posts that were still up….

And that offered up an opportunity. I got my hands on a rugby ball for the first time in ages… The first thing I did when I picked it up was kick it to myself a couple of times…

It felt good; it felt like stepping back in time… to a younger self. I liked the feeling of the rugby ball… a few memories came back…. I then looked at the posts and drop kicked for the first time in…. a long time..

Hey, most people will know what a drop kick is? Right?

A drop kick in rugby involves dropping the ball and then kicking when it hits the ground; in contrast to a punt where you kick the ball without letting it hit the ground first. …

Originally it was one of only two ways to score points, along with the place kick. You have to get a few things right. It’s harder than it looks… but if you’ve grown up playing rugby, and you were a first five or even fullback.. like I was… you did a fair amount of drop kicking… both to kick off and at the posts to score points.

There’s been a few pretty famous drop goals – for example Zinzan Brooke vs England Rugby in the 1995 Rugby World Cup semi-final and Joel Stransky for South Africa Rugby against NZ that won the World Cup for the Springboks in 95.

My first effort hit the right hand upright…. so collected the ball, looked up at the posts, and went through the process again… the technique was still there – I hit the sweet spot and the ball went through the middle of the posts….

No one saw it except my cameraman Paul from Sweet As Media Limited… but it felt good.

I wasn’t successful the first time – I could have said I was aiming for the upright! But I adjusted, focused and got it right the second time.

It was a small thing. Something that wasn’t needed for our filming, but at that moment it was just something I had to do.

I didn’t think much about it, I just did it because I wanted to.

Sometimes we over think things. Sometimes we just have to do things. Take a moment out of a day to just do something – connect to something that makes you feel good

Just a thought for a Friday
Have a great weekend cheers John

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