Fully produced visual storytelling, video marketing campaigns

We work with you to develop a visual storytelling, video marketing campaign to roll out over time that supports your marketing communications objectives.

We would produce a series of visual short stories, professionally produced, for distribution on your social channels and platforms with production values high enough for television.

We would treating it like a mini television series and some of the content could be used to pitch to mainstream media, SEVEN SHARP for example.

It is a unique opportunity to wrap your messaging into visual stories that transports and touches people, simplifies information and provokes an emotional response with stories aimed at creating deep emotional connections. 

The key is working with you to produce a plan for a series of videos to roll  out over time. We also work hard on the distribution and marketing communications to ensure your new visual content is hitting the mark and is being seen so it can add value and build you more business.

more visual – more trust – more engagement – more business 


Would you like to book a free 30 min Video marketing consultation to discuss?

  • Your primary business goals and mission for your business
  • What makes your product or service unique from the competition
  • What marketing for your business are you currently doing
  • The pros and cons of using video
  • If you are you using video in your business now; if not, what’s holding you back.
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Additional ‘products and services’ available as well that include:

VAM: Monthly video content membership 
  • We offer VAM, VIDEO ACCELERATED MARKETING, three levels of ongoing support so you can make video a vital and compelling part of promoting and profiling your business. Every plan includes editing support and script writing MORE
Hero videos
  • Single HERO brand video showing your services or products in their best possible light
Interview videos
  • Single video or a number of ‘news style’ interview videos  featuring the client as the expert
Aerial drone videography
  • Stunning aerial footage aimed at taking a storytelling campaign to a whole new level.
Smart Phone/IPhone video; Media training; Regional Business Partner Network (RBP) funding support available
  • Training and support to unlock power of your IPhone to create content, either to produce your own videos or create content for us to produce your videos for you.
  • We have run successful seminars on this topic and have more planned for 2020
 Media training; Regional Business Partner Network (RBP) funding support available
  • Full or half day media training
  • Negotiate your way through New Zealand’s media landscape. Understand what the media really want and what drives their behaviour so you achieve the successful communications outcomes you would like.
  • We tailor our media training to suit your organisation’s requirements and budget
  • Live stream and film events.
  • Conference Cam; filming short clips during a conference that are quickly edited and posted on your social channels that increase engagement and profile for your event and your key conference stakeholders.

free 30 minute video marketing strategy zoom call.

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Dairy Women’s Network Visual story telling series OUR PEOPLE.THEIR STORIES.

Cows and sheep all grazing on a farm with a good view of Auckland’s Sky Tower was the story we told in our third episode of the Dairy Women’s Network visual story telling project, OUR PEOPLE. THEIR STORIES

ASB MAGS Farm is so unique and special. It’s a farm within a school that’s within New Zealand’s largest city. It connects city kids with opportunities at the heart of New Zealand’s national identity, the agri-food and fibre sector and there are plans to build a new agri food and fibre experience centre which could be a central hub for agri-business in Auckland.

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