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In a world filled with a huge amount of distractions, businesses and brands are consistently engaged in a battle to capture people’s attention with many of them succeeding with video storytelling.

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Visual storytelling and  video marketing campaigns should roll out over time to support your marketing communications objectives.

Visual storytelling offers a unique opportunity to wrap your messaging into stories that transports and touches people, simplifies information and provokes an emotional response with stories aimed at creating deep emotional connections.

They key is producing a series of videos to roll out over time, so you need a good content plan. 

You also need to work hard on the distribution and your marketing communications to ensure your new visual content is hitting the mark and is being seen so it can add value and build you more business.

more visual – more trust – more engagement – more business

I really would love to discuss how video can accelerate your business with you. I do have time set aside in my calendar for you to schedule a free 30 minute video marketing strategy zoom call.

Traditional forms of marketing are no longer as effective as they used to be so lets do this. Lets look at what can be done to make video marketing a compelling part of your business.  

The key is you telling stories and adding value about your business, regularly with effective consistent, authentic and real footage of you talking about your business aimed at social media channels that builds trust, educates, adds value and informs.

We will discuss?

  • Your primary business goals and mission for your business
  • What makes your product or service unique from the competition
  • What marketing for your business are you currently doing
  • The pros and cons of using video
  • If you are you using video in your business now; if not, what’s holding you back.
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