We will work with you on cost effective, marketing communications with impact to build your brand profile, increase engagement and generate improved media coverage and sales.

We work with you to:
  • Sort out your messaging: what is to be said
  • Tune the medium: where it is to be said
  • and define the target: who your message should reach
  • With the key components being the problem your business or service provides a solution for and ensuring there is effective two way communication between you and your audience.

Working collaboratively with your wider team we can provide leadership and ensure your organisation receives the strategic and tactical communications, engagement and change management advice and support needed.

This includes reviewing existing communications, ensuring content is compelling, consistent and on the right platform with the right message for the right audience at the right time.

Did you know you can apply for funding support from Regional Business Partner Network (RBP) to help grow your business?
The RBP Management Capability Development Fund offers businesses up to 50% co-funded support for management coaching and training services to build management capability within the business, and guess what.. enthuse has three training courses and support services registered with RBP you can apply for funding support to do and we are in the process of adding our VIDEO ACCELERATED MARKETING : VAM programme.
For more information on the Regional Business Partner programme and to apply

You can also book a strategy session with John to see if this is right for your business.Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss it further.


An absolute powerhouse, with superb communication and project management skills
Guy Pope-Mayell Managing Director Cookie Time Group

We asked John to customise his “you are your brand” keynote presentation to best connect it with the work our frontline staff do every day.  It was obvious he’d done his homework; he understood the really important work our people do, how they touch the lives of New Zealanders in a powerful way, and the significant difference they can make. 

Focussing in on “you are your reputation” he helped provide insight that each and every one of us has our own personal brand.  He challenged us to bring our best selves to our work each day, and provided tools to assist in our personal brand promise.

The enthusiasm and energy he brought was great!  Across the two forums he presented to, people left feeling inspired.  Johns willingness to change things up, the instinctive way he ensured his messages complemented our forum theme was awesome!
Wendy Chisnall, Regional Director, Ministry of Social Development.


Media Relations
  • Media releases; background, story pitch, writing and distribution
  • Follow up; media communications following up inquiries and booking interviews
  • Media management; relationship management, build direct relationships with relevant journalists and media organisations
  • Copy writing (Magazine articles, research & copy)
Marketing Communications
  • Strategic planning – develop marketing communications plan
  • Brand alignment and management support
  • Marketing communications mix implementation and support; includes advertising
  • Community and channel alignment – includes alignment of storytelling to marketing communications strategy
  • Messaging support and management for communications
  • Budgeting support as required
  • Execution and ongoing support as required
  • Crisis and issues planning and execution
Video production support
  • Edit and create video for social channels from supplied footage
  • Create video from supplied footage with full edit suite·
  • Storytelling video support MORE
  • Video presentation coaching
  • Smart Phone content coaching
  • Monthly video content membership; 3 levels of ongoing support MORE
Content Strategy, Planning & Content Creation
  • Provide strategic planning for the approach to what  saying – how, what, where, when and to who; part of agreed marketing communications plan
  • Content Framework; planning, input and implementation to shape content Strategy.
  • Strategic awareness and engagement: planning, execution and direction: articles/blogs, videos – internal and external (Partners/Storytelling campaign), case studies and audio (podcasts/radio IV’s)
Social Media; Community Management and Social Media Distribution
  • Planning support
  • Produce content
  • Distribute content
  • Monitoring of channels
  • Managing community by responding to and engaging as required
Media Training: RBP support available
  • Tailored to suit requirements and budget
  • Full day or Half day, in person or virtual
  • Negotiate your way through New Zealand’s media landscape. Understand what the media really want and what drives their behaviour so you achieve the successful communications outcomes you would like.
  • We tailor our media training to suit your organisation’s requirements and budget.
Branding; RBP support available
  • Brand development and management
  • Brand workshops – includes You are your Brand personal brand presentation and workshop
Strategic Partnerships
  • Some things best left for others…So when it comes to SEO and search engine marketing, full noise digital online marketing, web development, and data analysis etc… we bring in specialists. 

The benefits include:

  • The relationship is seen as longer term and not a project by project basis. Both parties are invested in the relationship.
  • We know what the agreed budget for enthuse services is and both parties can plan accordingly.
  • There’s good clarity and alignment on the long-term marketing communication and media goals. enthuse is involved in your ongoing monthly activities making it easier to stay closely aligned to provide support as required.
  • A retainer covers wide ranging services and skills that are value based, rather than a per hour financial rate.
  • The hourly rate for a retainer structure is lower.
  • enthuse feels part of the team and although the retainer is based on a number of agreed hours per month, there is quite a bit of flexibility around that.

It all starts with having a chat

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Marketing communications: it’s the stuff you can’t see that’s the most important 

Marketing communications, Personal brand: what does your answer message say about you?


John McKenzie from enthuse has a wide range of media and event experience and skills, and there’s good reason his business is named enthuse. John is passionate and very enthusiastic about delivering for his clients, whether it’s a media campaign or event and entertainment. John helps his clients successfully talk to and with their audiences. He understands what may work and what may be effective and has the media network and contacts to get his clients heard. John and his enthuse team deliver fantastic event services that always seems to exceed expectations. He is creative, and always looking for ways to make an impact, either as an MC, speaker and motivator or with entertainment and team building services. Ultimately John and his company enthuse are in the business of creating memories and provide profile and engagement opportunities for his clients and he always delivers, with a good dose of enthusiasm!
Lincoln Booth, General Manager Cookie Time

John and enthuse were engaged to help develop and lead our public relations strategy aimed at increasing the awareness of dyslexia and having it recognised by the New Zealand Government. His clarity of thought, his persistance & determination, his commitment – to say nothing of his enthusiasm – resulted in our aim being acheived and a whole lot more. John delivered 100%.
Guy Pope-Mayell, Trustee Cookie Munchers Charitable Trust and Dyslexia Foundation of NZ 

enthuse will guide you back to your why, back to your passion, back to your core purpose. John and enthuse will assist you to let go of the noise, let go of the clutter and grab onto what centres your business and your goals. You will walk away with tangible learning and actions to take your business/ your work to the next level.
 Isaac – Ministry of Social Development Manager and business owner

John brought a very professional approach to the publicity and PR for our national event which resulted in nationwide exposure for the event and our sponsors in print, on radio and TV. We would never have achieved this without John and his enthusiastic media management. He also provided some fantastic voice and MC work which further demonstrated his versatility and value to the event. He did his research and was extremely well prepared, with his efforts exceeding our expectations.
Tim Preston, Tournament Director NZ Grass Court Tennis Championships

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