iPhone video training & content seminar: BOOK YOUR SPOT TODAY

iPhone video training & content seminar… BOOK YOUR SPOT TODAY ? Think using video to profile and promote your business is beyond you?

It’s not. If you’re not using video in your business you’re missing out!

It’s is so much more accessible than you think. ?

This iPhone video training & content seminar is all about unlocking the power of your iPhone to make great video content yourself.

You will shoot your own footage and practice your editing skills with me so you can start telling the stories only you can tell, with the tool you’ve already got with you all the time, no shooting or editing experience required. Let’s do this…

Learn how to:

✅ Quickly create short but professional looking videos for business or even personal use.
✅ Plan storytelling and sort your scripting and filming techniques.
✅ Add basic design and logos.
✅ Leverage social media with video marketing.
✅ Gain confidence with interview techniques and how to present on camera.

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