Coronet Peak 75th storytelling – How it all began: The Wigley family

Contracted to project manage Coronet Peak ski areas 75th celebrations, which included producing a series of engaging storytelling videos to help bring the mountain’s rich history to life…

This was fourth story in our series of five very special stories produced for the 75th celebrations.

This video storytelling series was very successful in showcasing the history of the mountain, getting fantastic engagement.

Video makes a difference and really is crucial for any marketing communications strategy.

It packs the power of visual emotional storytelling, and we all love a good story.

Led by Sir Henry Wigley and his family’s business, the Mount Cook and Southern Lakes Tourist Company, Coronet Peak opened in July 1947, becoming New Zealand’s first commercial ski area. A qualified commercial pilot who flew in WWII, Sir Henry had a passion for skiing and the outdoors.

He grew the Mount Cook Group into the country’s largest privately owned travel organisation, with skiing at Coronet Peak changing not only Queenstown’s tourism landscape forever, but New Zealand’s too.

Sir Henry and his wife Isla had five children, Sally, Brian, Jo, Annabel and Paddy, who inherited their father’s love of skiing, spending their childhood winters on the mountain at Coronet Peak with some of their earliest memories being learning to ski wearing boys football boots.

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