The power of visual emotional storytelling; Coronet Peak 75th Stories: Arnold and his Daughters

Contracted to project manage Coronet Peak ski areas 75th celebrations, which includes producing a series of engaging storytelling videos to help bring the mountain’s rich history to life…

So this is also a good opportunity to say….


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With 75 years of history, loving that Coronet Peak and its people have so many stories to tell.

For the Divers family from Dunedin, holidays were always all about skiing and the winter.

Hitting the slopes of Coronet Peak was the highlight of Lynne and Tina’s childhood, and growing up with their father Arnold, a former WWII fighter pilot and seven times national ski champion who lived and breathed all things ski related, it’s easy to see why.

Arnold Divers is a Coronet Peak legend, passing on his love of the mountain and skiing to his family.

He was a founding member of the infamous ‘one ski in the grave’ club formed on a whim by a handful of Kiwi veterans that is now legendary amongst the world’s more senior skier’s population.

Filming and editing by Sweet as Media; produced by enthuse media & events

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