Transformed Hamner Springs into the Kingdom of Arnotts

A great example of developing a new theme specifically for a client. Arnotts wanted consistency across a theme and entertainment over three days for its annual conference. 

enthuse transformed the Heritage Hanmer Springs Hotel into the Kingdom of Arnotts for three days for their annual conference, providing theming, entertainment, team building and event management services.

Delegates from all over New Zealand were bused from Christchurch to the Weka Pass¬†Railway where they were hosted by two enthuse actors playing the roles of the Kingdom of Arnotts Sheriff and Prince Gaiety, named after Arnott’s Gaiety Real Chocolate Biscuits.

The group then travelled on the historic rural railway on a vintage steam train before transferring back to the coaches to complete their journey to Hamner Springs.

The hotel was transformed into a castle setting, complete with flags, a large throne, a court jester, Queenie and hotel staff all in period costume and a royal court where delegates were greeted.

Pillow gifts were masks for the second nights masquerade ball where enthuse actors and hosts morphed into the evening entertainment as the royal appointed masquerade band.

The first night featured a welcome function at the hot pools complete with stocks, a restraining device that were used as a form of corporal punishment and public humiliation in medieval times; we used water bombs on this occasion.

enthuse bought in costumes from Christchurch for hotel staff and any delegates who hadn’t bought anything with them.

An amazing race through the town and hotel grounds was also organised with video and imagery shown during the evening.

A huge thank you to you and your team for your huge contribution to our staff conference. You were the glue that held all of our key activities and themeing together and certainly added the “fun” element to the 3 days. You were fantastic to work with from concept to execution of the event, and I had every confidence that you could deliver what we wanted from Day 1. Thanks again and I look forward to working with you again in the future.
Donna Harper Arnott’s NZ Ltd

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