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profile: john mckenzie

John’s varied background includes radio and television experience, theatre and shows all the way through to working for some of New Zealand’s largest company’s in communications, events, media and marketing roles.

John saw an opportunity to combine his unique skill set and as a result his media and events company enthuse has an 15 year award winning track record of adding an enthusiastic creative spark to conferences and events all over NZ with professional improv acting, mc-eeing, speaking, team building and entertainment options, including their popular Singing Waiters.

A father of two and a keen cyclist John was editor of NZ’s only road cycling magazine, NZ Road Cyclist for seven years. He has squeezed in coaching a couple of sports for a living and after travelling and working in lots of places around the world and in New Zealand, is proud to call Christchurch home. 

John set up enthuse media & events in January 2003. Previously John was the Communications Marketing Manager for New Zealand’s largest Regional Tourism Organisation, Christchurch & Canterbury Marketing and prior to that, was with Telecom as its South Island Corporate Events Manager.   

In the 90s John was in sales and marketing roles with leading tourism company The Mount Cook Group, spent some time on radio and taught skiing in Queenstown New Zealand, Europe and The United States as a fully quailfied ski instructor. He graduated from Otago University with a Commerce Degree in management and marketing in 1990. Prior to this he worked at a journalist.

enthuse has twice won nz entertainment company of the year and is involved in a variety of event, marketing and media work throughout New Zealand. 

John retired from teaching spin - indoor cyling - after more than 10 years as a group fitness instructor which saw him  establish himself as one of New Zealand’s leading specialist indoor cycling instructors, presenting highly successful workshops and master classes throughout New Zealand and at Filex in Sydney Australia, the largest fitness convention in the Southern hemisphere. He competes on his road bike outdoors and has presented television programmes for some of nz's major cycling and multi sport events.

After working and living in various places throughout the world John choose Christchurch New Zealand as the place he wanted to live. Sport has always played a large role in his life - played tennis at a representative level, played rugby until skiing got in the way, has run and competed in multi sport and triathlon events and today rides his road bike alot as a member of the Warmup Cycling team and keen competitive cyclist. 


The ‘essence’ of my business is enthusiasm and relationships and bringing a creative spark to work with me every day. I believe a combination of my creative drive and business marketing experience adds significant value to the clients I work with.  
john mckenzie, chief enthusiast

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