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what is a brand?

  • want some help with that?
  • whether it's about a company brand or your own personal brand?

A brand is just a logo - right? wrong.... it is... according to the Oxford Dictionary anyway;

  • “a permanent mark deliberately made with a hot iron” 
  • “impressed unforgettably on one’s mind”

 something to think about

buildings age and become dilapidated.
machines wear out
People die.
but what live on are the brands.

a product is something that is made in a factory
a brand is something that is bought by a customer.

a product can be copied by a competitor
a brand is unique. 

You end up with the image you deserve…
What do you deserve?

what do you stand for?

enthuse runs brand workshops and can do specific brand presentations, including 'you are your brand'.
We can also work on your creative visual representation for your brand.


John’s personal branding presentation is motivating, stimulating and very informative. It has been with complete confidence John has presented on Westpac’s behalf at numerous conferences and the feedback has been fantastic. He relates very well to his audience, does his homework beforehand and always delivers. I have no hesitation in recommending John McKenzie as a motivating, entertaining and enthusiastic speaker and presenter.
David Gopperth, National Sales Manager Broker Channel Westpac NZ Ltd

in business...

your brand is best represented by your people - certainly true in sales and service organisations - enthuse can work with corporate teams to align staff to the company's vision and positioning. This will allow staff to be unleashed  high performing personal brands in their own right, and as a consequence add further value to the company's position and profile in the market.  

some thoughts

Your corporate brand is your most important asset. The process of understanding your company’s attributes, benefits, personality, values and its essence provides the inspiration, direction and energy for the brand itself. Branding also influences your company’s name, identity and logo and all your collateral – stationery, brochures and web site for example.

Your brand is a visual expression or the company’s, philosophy and culture - everything the company stands for including the look of its facilities and the behaviour of your staff. Powerful branding greatly influences customer behaviour, motivating purchasing decisions for your company’s product over those offered by your competition.

Need some help with your corporate brand?

enthuse ltd can run a workshop with key company staff members where the following would be explored;

  • Attributes: physical description – what is the brand?
  • Benefits: the physical results of using the brand – what will it do for me?
  • Personality: human characteristics, who the brand is – what is the personality? 
  • Values: human values that relate to the brand – how does the brand make me feel?
  • Essence: the ‘soul’ of the brand

The session would begin with a general discussion on what a brand actually is. Too often clients jump straight into a ‘name’ or ‘logo’ without giving any thought to the above elements. It’s like building a house without a good foundation.

building a strong brand and corporate image

Also explored in the workshop would be the following;

  • know your product and product lines extremely well.
    What are their benefits?
    How do they meet your customer needs?
    How do they not?
    This is when market research – and client feedback – can be very helpful. 
  • your competitors.
    Ø       What do they do well?
    Ø       What do they not do well?
    Ø       Put the market research and competitive intelligence together to determine where needs are 
             not being met in the marketplace and devise a plan to meet those needs. 
  • Public Relations
    Potential to tell your company’s story.
    What sets you apart?
    Do have a great story to share? 
  • Consistency
    Everyone must be on the same page, sharing the same version of the same vision and company  positioning.
    Branding must be consistent and launched at the same time – everything from the look and feel of the website to how you answer the phone must be consistent with new positioning for the business.

next stage would be

The next stage would be taking the outcomes from the workshop, documenting them and circulating for comment and feedback. After this stage we would move to providing visuals that represented the look and feel for the new company positioning and brand identity.

personal brand services include 

  • defining your personal brand
  • promoting your personal brand (media opportunities, PR)
  • peak performance of your personal brand (health and fitness, wardrobe, what events should you go to, public  speaking coaching)  

    The key to personal branding success - define yourself instead of letting others define you! 

    key note address or presentation

    chief enthusist john mckenzie can deliver a key note address or presentation called 'you are your brand'  An entertaining and informative presentation successfully delivered at a number of conferences and seminars throughout new zealand.

    • Do you know what motivates you to get up in the morning?
    • Are you in touch with your own values and career drivers?
    • What makes up a personal brand and what impact does it have on the successful cycle of corporate branding?
    • Use your brand identity to create your own brand recognition.
    • Manage your personal brand to improve you success in business and in life.
    • Define your presonal brand promise.
    • You do end up with the image you deserve…What do you deserve?

    • What really sunk the Titanic?

    This presentation has it's own unique 'style' and is delivered in an entertaining and stimulating format and is moulded to appropriately fit the audience. Organisations where John has delivered this 'personal brand' presentation include Westpac, AMP, Wizard Home Loans, Netfit (fitness convention), First National Real Estate, The Home Loan Group (NZ) Ltd and Moneybox.

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